I arrived in Washington on Tuesday night, pretty much as I had scheduled, and had set aside all of Wednesday to complete some errands before I handed the books over to the president on Thursday morning.
This is a pretty cool story… my first stop on Wednesday was at the headquarters of the Corporation of National and Community Service. The new Director of the National Civilian Community Corps, which was part of the CNCS, had heard of my walk and learned I was a NCCC alumnus from 2001. She invited me to the office to meet the staff and film a short video clip. I took a taxi to the building on New York Ave, got on the elevator, and when the doors opened, I heard some men talking in the hallway. For a second I thought, Man, that voice is familiar… and when I turned the corner there was my old NCCC Unit Leader (equivalent to my boss’ boss). I hadn’t seen Vaughn in ten years and one month – our last day on campus in Denver was November 2, 2001. Normally he’s based in Colorado, but coincidently he just happened to be in Washington and at the office the day I came by. AmeriCorps roots run deep, it was really good to see a friendly face there.
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