Occupy Baltimore Pt 3

Being a relatively warm Sunday, I wasn’t the only tourist to the Occupy encampment. Here an Occupier debates a passerby as a small audience listens in. Baltimore was my fourth Occupy Camp, besides Hartford, Wall Street and Trenton, and (excluding Trenton) I’ve been impressed by the level of civility, openness, and discourse.
My sophomore year at Northeastern I took a course called Classical Social Thought. The class was required for all Sociology majors. The professor was a diehard liberal named Elliot Krause, a megaphone-toting firebrand in the 60s and when I had him in the 90’s, just a few years from retirement. We read selections from Weber and Durkheim, which I can barely remember (something about organizations?) but Krause’s passion was Karl Marx. He didn’t just teach the Communist Manifesto, but he came up with example after example after example. Energy companies, Native American rights, pollution, everything could be boiled down to the wealthy and powerful taking advantage of the poor and meek (I remember one of his favorite themes was pointing out media wasn’t liberal ENOUGH).
I wouldn’t say Professor Krause was a professor who changed my life, but at 20 years old, he definitely changed the way I looked at life. Looking back, he was one of my favorite professors because he was so passionate about what he taught, and it’s interesting to see echoes of that class freely resounding around the country (and around the Internet) 15 years later.
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