From Muppet Labs … Will Obama be re-elected?

From Muppet Labs, Where the Future is Being Made Today. (Wait… isn’t that the corporate slogan of Google? Hahaha…)
Just a few blocks away from here I passed a large group of Baltimoreans standing in lines in an empty parking lot. A company or organization (the people I spoke with weren’t sure who it was exactly) was giving away free cell phones. While I stood with them, about 40-50 African Americans, I introduced myself and told them what I was doing. Of that entire group from this economically depressed northern Baltimore neighborhood, the only person who wanted to write a message to the president was a middle-aged white woman who remembered reading my story from 08. But since I left Boston, I met a surprising number of people who were reluctant or outright refused to write a message to the president. Also that day I met a gentleman who was bicycling up the East Coast. He had canvassed door to door for Obama in Florida in 2008, but when I gave him the book and pen to write his message to his man three years later, he held up his palm with an “Er, I prefer not.” I’m no political analyst, but the nu?ber of people I witnesses who feel like they want to distance themselves from Obama may not bode well for his re-election bid.
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