By the end of Thursday evening I had gotten of Highway 40 and took a side road to Perryville. (I should note that in 2008 I used my Tom Tom GPS to plot and check my course, in 2011 I was using almost exclusively Google Maps on my Droid… it was easier to activate the phone, which was always on, instead stopping, firing up the GPS, waiting for a satellite signal, inputting the destination, etc… though I did still carry the Tom Tom as a backup). Anyways, I’m sure the road was beautiful during the day, but it got a little lonely out there in the dark. There was some local Thanksgiving traffic whipping by the windy road, and fortunately I had my reflectors and light. I was glad when the road turned and I popped back on to Highway 40 right before the bridge. Speaking of lights, here’s a house with some neat-looking Christmas ornamentation.
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