The Robinson House in Claymont, Delaware. Sitting at a major crossroad between Philadelphia and Baltimore, this tavern in northern Delaware became an important guesthouse during colonial times, even hosting George Washington (that guy slept everywhere). Speaking of people who sleep everywhere, I have to thank Maureen and Jim for putting me up as I walked through Chester on Monday evening, and Amie for putting me up as I walked through Delaware on Tuesday evening. I had stayed with Amie, my teammate from AmeriCorps year in ’01, during my walk in ’08, and it’s always fun to spend time with her. And I got in touch with Maureen and Jim through another cross country runner, Helene Neville. That was a huge help because I didn’t know anyone in that corner of Pennsylvania. And it turned out they have connections to my hometown – Jim’s daughters play on the lacrosse team at Annapolis and one of the schools they travel to is Holy Cross in Worcester.
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