Friday was kind of a weird day. I should have been walking on the same roads I walked on in 2008, but I didn’t seem to recognize any landmarks. I did stop by a steel union headquarters to ask if I could sit at their picnic table for lunch, and ended up chatting with one of the union leaders who had met Barack Obama when he was in the area touring a Gamesa, Inc. project in Pennsylvania. Here I am walking to mee the president, and this random stranger shows me a photo of him standing next to the president. Too funny!
That night I reached Fairless Hills, where my friend Ashley had generously donated a hotel room. I went out to dinner that evening with MaryLynn a reporter from New Jersey. MaryLynn was the intrepid newswoman who tracked down information on the unfortunate rail worker I had tried to help a few days earlier. Afterwards I went back to the hotel and watched Peanuts Thanksgiving on TV.

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