This is a cool story….

Even though Ms. Snow couldn’t join us in Lawrence, NJ, she was there in spirit.
While she and the film crew were interviewing me in Michael’s Diner that December afternoon in 2008, she suggested we walk outside to tape a few more questions. While we were strolling on the sidewalk a woman in an office saw the cameras and recognized Kate Snow from World News Tonight. She introduced herself and asked to take a few photos of us. It was pretty fun. Then we traded email addresses so we could mail each other the photos.
When I learned I’d be doing this walk in 2011, I once emailed Bella and told her I’d once again be walking through Lawrence. She asked me to stop by the office, where she presented me with a much-welcome bag of food – sandwich, chips, soda, fruit, cookie. Then she printed out the old photo and we stood by the sign where we posed with Kate Snow almost three years before.
As Amy and Emily would say, The new road is an old friend.
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