Michael’s Diner

Michael’s Diner in Lawrence, NJ. This is where, almost three years before, reporter Kate Snow and her crew met me to film a segment for “ABC World News Tonight with Charles Gibson.”
In October ’11, when I learned I would be meeting President Obama, I sent emails to all the press contacts I had made three years prior. About half were bounced back. A couple, like Jean Marbella from the Baltimore Sun, arrnaged to do follow up stories. But I was shocked at the number of outlets who covered my walk in ’08 who wanted nothing to do with me once I told them I was actually meeting the president. Stories were pitched to NPR, CNN, Kate Snow at ABC, even Dr. Phil – all outlets who spent time on me previously, mind you – and either I, or the original reporter who interviewed me – never heard boo back. Talk about frustrating.
Coincidently, across the street (at my back as I took this picture) from this diner is a gas station. A young guy I met there, after learning why I was walking, swore up and down he could get me on the Daily Show (Jon Stewart went to Lawrence High School and this man claimed he had friends who worked for the show). We exchanged numbers and guess what… never heard boo back.
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