This is where it happened

Ok guys, this isn’t an easy story for me tell but it’s an important part of the walk(s). I just want to put the basic facts out there and never discuss it again.
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This photo is of a railroad tracks in Metuchen, New Jersey. Here the highspeed train (from Newark to Philadelphia I guess?) runs adjacent to Highway 27.
As I was passing by on Tuesday afternoon, on the other side of the fence was an Amtrak crew working on the rails.
A minute after I passed by them, one of the men collapsed. I told a worker nearby I was an EMT and he said they might need me. I dropped my pack, sprinted back to the the gate, and then to the victim. I couldn’t find a pulse and began CPR. A few minutes later the ambulance and police arrived. They attached an AED, shocked the patient, boarded him and loaded him in the ambulance. With nothing else for me to do, I took my pack and continued down the road.
The three things to know about this story…
1. I took off my watch to take a pulse and in the confusion, left it on the ground. It wasn’t a particularly expensive watch, but besides my wallet, that was the last physical object to have accomapnied me all 4700 miles of my walk (the last thing before that was my Red Sox hat, which I left in Jen’s parents’ car in Connecticut).
2. While I was running I did something to my left ankle. It would hurt to put pressure on or take pressure off, from that night in New Jersey all the way to Washington.
3. I learned from an intrepid reporter (who made phone calls, tracked leads, and pushed the HIPAA line for days) that Mike didn’t make it. He died an hour after arriving at the ER. It was just a week before Thanksgiving.
If there was one thing I could change about the walk(s), this would be it.
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