Welcome to New Jersey

OK, this weekend gets a little confusing, staying with three different friends in two states, but here’s how it played out: Friday night I stayed with Dalia and Mike in New Rochelle, NY. Saturday morning Dalia walked with me through the Bronx, then she returned home and I walked the last few miles over the George Washington Bridge and stopped once I got into the very first town town in New Jersey, Fort Lee. I waited in Fort Lee until Moe picked me up Saturday night, and drove me (and Lauren, Steph and Scotty) back over the GW into Manhattan where we had reservations to see the World Trade Center Memorial). After dinner I crashed at Moe’s house in Yorktown Heights. Sunday morning, my “day off,” we went out for breakfast, Moe took me to the train station and I returned to Manhattan to collect messages from Occupy Wall Street. Later that evening I met with Cristina and we went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in the Financial District. Cristina helped me get back to the subway, then I switched to a bus to cross the George Washington Bridge to Ft. Lee, New Jersey. My buddy Josh from Northeastern picked me up in Fort Lee, I stayed with him overnight, and came back to Fort Lee the next (Monday) morning. The bus let me off exactly where I had ended on Saturday night, and from there I began walking. whew!!
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